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Tay Bak Chiang 郑木彰

Tay Bak Chiang paints subjects found in the nature of Singapore and Southeast Asia, such as heliconias, lotus ponds and rocks. He seeks to reinterpret them inventively in terms of form, composition, technique, material and colour. Lotus flowers, for example, are depicted as minimalist forms in bold hues; lotus stalks as thick, unembellished black strokes; and stones as textured shapes and sculptural blocks in intense colours made by combining pigments and traditional Chinese ink. Through these subjects, he expresses his sentiments and philosophies.

Born in 1973, Bak Chiang graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore in 1995 and studied at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China, in 1997. He was awarded the First Prize in the Chinese Painting category in the 19th and 22nd United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Competitions (2000 and 2003 respectively). In 2002 he received the Young Artist Award from the National Arts Council of Singapore.

Bak Chiang has held 14 solo exhibitions to date: Fa Zi Hua Sheng 《法自画生》 (2003), Between Breaths《呼吸之间》(2010), Ingenuity 《天工》 (2011), Hear the Wind Sing 《且听风吟》 (2012), The Breath of A Blade 《剑气》 (2013), Sentience 《顽石》 (2014), The Story of the Stone《石头记》(2014), Cleavages Fractures Folds 《斧劈皴》 (2014), Blue White Vermilion 《青花 • 朱印》 (2015), The Chivalrous Hero《侠之大者》(2015), From A Distance《隔帘看月 • 隔水看花》(2016), Revisit《回鸣》(2016), From Stone to Mountains《积石成山》(2018) and The Fisherman and the Woodcutter《渔樵问答》(2018) 。

He has shown at international art fairs, including Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Stage Singapore, Art Miami, Art New York, Art Paris, Art Taipei and Edinburgh Art Fair. His works are collected by private collectors and public agencies, such as The Istana, Singapore; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore; Permanent Mission of Singapore to the United Nations, New York; National Gallery Singapore; Simmons & Simmons Contemporary Art Collection; Singtel; SC Global Developments; Swiss Re; OCBC Bank; United Overseas Bank; Mandarin Oriental, Singapore; Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore; and Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, London.

郑木彰的创作题材以新加坡和东南亚大自然里的花卉、小动物及景观为主, 例如棕榈、向日葵、天堂鸟、荷塘及石头。他以创新的技巧、媒介及颜色,重新诠释这些题材,呈现出独特的形式和构图 。他用大胆亮丽的颜色和简约形式塑造荷花,以粗大简朴的黑色线条直率地表现荷花枝干,也运用墨和色粉,刻画出层次丰富、绚丽多彩的石头。木彰擅于透过对大自然的感受和观察,借由画笔抒发自己的情感与创作理念。

木彰出生于1973年,1995年毕业于新加坡南洋艺术学院,1997年赴杭州中国美术学院进修 。他 获颁第19届(2000年)及22届(2003年)大华银行年度绘画比赛中国画组首奖。2002年他获新加坡国家艺术理事会颁发的青年艺术家奖。

木彰至今举办14次个人画展:《法自画生》(2003)、《呼吸之间》(2010)、《天工》(2011)、《且听风吟》(2012)、《剑气》(2013)、《顽石》(2014)、《石头记》(2014)、《斧劈皴》(2014)、《青花 • 朱印》(2015)、《侠之大者》(2015)、《隔帘看月 • 隔水看花》(2016)、《回鸣》(2016)、《积石成山》(2018),以及《渔樵问答》(2018) 。

他也参与国际艺术博览会,如巴塞尔艺术展(香港)、艺术登陆新加坡、以及于迈阿密、纽约、伦敦、巴黎、台北和爱丁堡等的艺博会。木彰的作品被私人收藏家和公共机构收藏,包括新加坡的总统府、外交部、驻纽约联合国常任代表处、国家美术馆,和西盟斯当代艺术收藏、新电信、SC Global Developments、 瑞士再保险、华侨银行、大华银行、新加坡文华东方酒店、新加坡香格里拉大酒店、以及伦敦碎片大厦香格里拉大酒店.


Asia Art Collective is an art advisory and consultancy specialised in Singaporean and Asian modern and contemporary art. Professional art services include providing clients with art advice on artwork purchase and sale, artwork valuation and assessment, art acquisition and collection planning, art sale and brokerage, as well as art commissioning and artwork sourcing. Asia Art Collective seeks to promote a culture of art appreciation and art acquisition and collection for Singapore art, and modern and contemporary Asian art through its diverse and rotating art exhibitions and art appreciation programmes, courses and talks. Enquire with Asia Art Collective for advice and support on your art-collecting journey.

Contact Curator: Iola Liu (92398226)


亚洲艺汇有限公司(Asia Art Collective Pte Ltd )是新加坡专业的艺术品咨询顾问公司,公司的服务是为艺术收藏提供指导,制定策划购买艺术品方向,帮助藏家评估、分析艺术品市场价位、未来的市场走势。在选择艺术品方面,即要帮助藏家找到自己酷爱心怡的作品,同时也把艺术品列为藏家资产扩充的规划中,并且负责跟踪艺术品的买与卖。同时也提供新加坡艺术品量身定制服务

策展人:Iola Liu (92398226)

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